Famous Pokemon Manga Ending After More Than 20 Years

It looks like things are shaking up for Pokemon yet again this year. 2019 has seen the franchise enjoy several milestones thanks to its live-action debut and introduction of Generation 8. Soon, an all-new anime series will debut, and it seems the end is coming for one of the franchise's longest-running ventures.

Recently, a new report went live from Japan which confirmed Pokemon's long-running manga will be coming to a close. The official website for Monthly Coro Coro Comics confirmed the Pocket Monsters manga is ending in a matter of days. The series will wrap with the magazine's November issue which comes out on October 15 in Japan.

For those keep track of the manga, this ending marks a major milestone for Pokemon. The manga title went live 23 years ago which dates it back to 1996. The manga, which is loosely based on the video games, follows Red and his Pokemon Clefairy who is unlike any other. After all, this Clefairy can communicate with people using speech, and the series has moved on from there.

Most recently, Pocket Monsters covered Generation Seven thanks to Pokemon: Sun and Moon. Now, fans are about to see the manga series come to a complete close, and it marks a major end for the franchise.

Of course, this is not the only end which Pokemon is welcoming. Earlier this year, it was announced Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon was coming to an end. The show will end in a matter of weeks before a new one takes its place. This all-new series will be released in celebration of Pokemon Sword & Shield and will see Ash travel to various regions along with a new co-lead named Gou.

Gou is said to be a lead character on par with Ash, and his goal is a unique one. The boy wants to catch every kind of Pokemon out there, and his dream is to meet Mew face to face. Gou also appears to hail from the Galar region as the trainer has Scorbunny as his partner. Debuting November 17, Pokemon's new anime will move the series in a new direction, and it seems like its on-going manga will be phased out to make room for what's to come.


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