Pokemon's New Season Might Have Revealed Its Villains

Team Rocket is apparently no more. Following a recent episode of Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master, Jesse, James, and Meowth were reunited with their past pocket monsters, but this fact wasn't enough to keep the trio together. As Ash and Pikachu prepare to leave the anime as the series stars, fans have wondered if Team Rocket will do the same and that might have been confirmed with the reveal of the newest Pokemon characters. Are you prepared to meet "The Explorers"?

As revealed thanks to a new trailer and images of this mysterious group, the Explorers consist of Amethyo, Zir, Conia, and a mysterious Pokemon called Gurumin. The trainers will be accompanied by pocket monsters of their own, with the Explorers paired with the likes of Ceruledge, Rhydon, and Golduck respectively. While they aren't currently confirmed to be the villains that will fight Liko and Roy once Ketchum and his Pikachu depart, they certainly have an ominous look to them. With Team Rocket parting ways in what might be their final appearance in the series, fans are wondering if we'll one day see them return or if the Explorers will be taking the reins as the new "big bads" of the anime. It will be interesting to see if the new team can hit Team Rocket level and appear in games such as Pokemon Scarlet, Pokemon Violet, and Pokemon Go

Pokemon The Explorers

The new Pokemon trainers set to hit the anime will be brought to life by voice actors anime fans might be familiar with. Shun Horie of Rent-a-Girlfriend fame will play Amethyo, Kohsuke Tanabe from Fair Ranmaru will play Zir, and Arisa Shida who is a part of Little Witch Academia will play Conia. Finally, the strange-looking Pokemon known as Gurumin will be played by Yoshino Aoyama from Bocchi The Rock. You can check out a new trailer along with character designs below for the Explorers.

(Photo: OLM Inc)
(Photo: OLM Inc)
(Photo: OLM Inc)

While more characters have been revealed as we wait for Ash's big farewell to the series, there are still more than a few questions surrounding what the upcoming series featuring new trainers Liko and Roy will look like. Ketchum has been the star of the series for twenty-plus years at this point, but his victory to become the new world champion gave the anime the perfect chance to end his journey on a high note. With the final episode of the current season, Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master, airing later this month, fans won't be waiting much longer to see if the new trainers can live up to Ash's tenure. 

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