Pokemon Exec Teases the True Definition of a Pokemon Master

For the last few decades, Pokemon has been searching for the answer to an important question. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu set out to become Pokemon Masters long ago, but no one knew what that meant. The title sounds very impressive, but until now, Pokemon has been shy about sharing what constitutes such a master. But now, one of the anime's executives is teasing the actual definition of a Pokemon Master.

The update comes from Animedia magazine as the Japanese publication spoke with Kunihiko Yuyama recently. It was there the longtime Pokemon director-producer spoke about Ash's anime exit. During the chat, Yuyama was asked what they personally think a Pokemon Master is, and their answer was rather enlightening.

"I think it might involve accepting Pokémon for what they are, without projecting yourself onto them. When we were in the process of creating Mezase Pokémon Master, I thought of a Pokémon Master as being like a rainbow. It's THERE, but you can't touch it, nor reach it. But despite that, people still move towards rainbows they see in the distant sky," Yuyama shared (via Serebii / Dephender).

"I used a rainbow as the motif of the very last scene of Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You, and even though I hadn't thought of this at the time, that scene always comes to mind whenever I think of the concept of a Pokémon Master now."

As you can see, the director's personal view of a Pokemon Master is hardly tangible. It has nothing to do with the number of battles won or contests placed. Rather, a Pokemon Master is made through acceptance. A trainer can reach this status once they've learned how to resonate with Pokemon from all walks of life. Obviously, this requisite is hard if not impossible to claim given how vast the Pokemon Universe is, but Ash is the closest person around to reaching that height.

Soon, the Pokemon anime will give its official definition of a Pokemon Master, and it could easily line up with what Yuyama shared here. If that is the case, we'd say Ash has secured the title. From Pikachu to Greninja and Lucario, Ash has learned to communicate with Pokemon of every sort. And now that he's been crowned the world's top trainer, it is time for Ash to realize his Pokemon mastery comes from within rather than without.

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