Pokemon Shares First Look at New Anime's Manga

The next era of Pokemon is upon us. After more than 20 years, the franchise is saying goodbye to Ash Ketchum and his sidekick Pikachu. The Pokemon anime will bring his reign to an end later this month, but the TV series isn't going off the air for good. Pokemon will return with a new anime in April starring protagonists Liko and Roy. And now, we have been given a peek at the team's first manga.

As you can see below, the upcoming Pokemon manga is slated to debut on April 14th. The issue will debut in the 5/2023 issue of Monthly Corecoro Comic under artist Yamadaka Kei. As for its overseers, Shogakukan is the main publisher taking care of Pokemon, but it will field assistance from Nintendo, Game Freak, TV Tokyo, and more.

So far, Pokemon has told us very little about its upcoming series. We know Ash will not be a focus in the anime, and it is entirely possible he won't show up at any point. The new Pokemon series will be all about Liko and Roy, two young trainers with big dreams. They find themselves going to school in the Paldea region to hone their Pokemon trainer abilities, and it is there they will run into all sorts of characters. For instance, we have met some of the Pokemon anime's cast, and they include curious characters like Captain Pikachu who appears to pilot an airship.

With so few details about the Pokemon series out there, we have no clue what its manga has planned. Fans are certainly eager to find out what Pokemon has in store, but many readers are as excited as they are nervous. No one has ever known the Pokemon anime or manga without Ash Ketchum, so there will be an adjustment period following his absence.

As for the new Pokemon anime, Japan will bring the series to life in early April overseas. No release date has been given for the project in the United States. Currently, The Pokemon Company is finishing up the English dub of Pokemon Master Journeys. Currently, reports suggest the dub will then tackle Ash's farewell season before pursuing Pokemon's big new series. 

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