The Pokemon Anime Had a Super Dark Finale in Mind Once

It is always difficult saying goodbye to something you love, but fans of the Pokemon anime haven't [...]

It is always difficult saying goodbye to something you love, but fans of the Pokemon anime haven't had to do that just yet. After more than 1,000 episodes, the show is thriving thanks to its most recent series Pokemon Journeys. But back in the day, the original writer behind the Pokemon anime was not sure if the show would survive so Takeshi Shudo formed an idea. He came up with a finale that could end Pokemon for good, and thanks to Dr. Lava, new translations of Shudo's blog are letting fans in on his radical idea.

"I would have used the story that I had planned for the final anime episode. The Pokemon would stage a rebellion much like Spartacus in ancient Rome. Although at first glance Pokemon appear to be friends with humans, they would realize they're actually being used like slaves, which would lead to an uprising. Pikachu would become the leader of the revolt and end up fighting with Ash. Team Rocket, who are in possession of lots of sinister Pokemon (including Meowth, who can translate the Pokemon language into human speech) would try to mediate the conflict, but they'd do a poor job of interpreting and only make things worse," Shudo said.

Looking at this description, it is hard to believe. Not only did Shudo expect to pit Ash against Pikachu, but the entire structure of Pokemon training would fall apart. Shudo went on to say he tried to come up with a different finale that could absolutely end Pokemon, but it wasn't possible.

Team Rocket
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"That's all I came up with. However, an episode like this would break the rules of the Pokemon world and make it impossible for the series to continue. Continuing into perpetuity is the series' objective. If it could ever be produced, I think it would literally have to be the last episode ever."

Clearly, this kind of finale wouldn't fly with Pokemon or its family friendly tones. And even after 20+ years, Pokemon still hasn't brought its anime to an end as it has well over 1,000 episodes now. Shudo's finale may not be possible any longer, but his dark end for the show will live on forever thanks to his blog. So if anyone wants to work this ending into a fan-fiction, we'd be happy to read it!

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