Pokemon Is Selling a Pricey, Life-Sized Slowpoke Plush

When it comes to Pokemon, the franchise has enough merchandise to its name to satisfy just about any collectors. From Funko figures to trading cards, you can get tons of different swag to show off your fandom, but not all of it is cheap. Over the years, Pokemon has put out some seriously pricy merchandise, and a new plush has joined that list.

The piece hails from The Pokemon Center over in Japan. It turns out that the brand has plans to debut a life-sized plush of Slowpoke. The fluffy plush will act almost like a mini beanbag if you manage to snag one, but you will have to pay up.

The pre-orders for this Pokemon plush are priced at $450 USD. This is a big price tag but it does cover a stuffed doll that is nearly four feet long.

This is not the first epic plush released by Pokemon, and fans hope it will not be the last. It was not long ago that Snorlax took over the Internet as the sleepy monster got his very own beanbag. The behemoth plush went viral as fans realized their homes or apartments couldn't actually fit Snorlax given his size, but that shouldn't be an issue for Slowpoke. Other Pokemon like Furret have gotten life-sized plushes as well.

With Slowpoke on the horizon, fans are already looking forward to which Pokemon will get this treatment next. It isn't impossible to think a starter may be next in line or maybe even an Eevee evolution. There are people who would pay good money for a Vaporeon plush, and I am one of them...!

What do you make of this upcoming Pokemon plush? Are you going to pony up for this pricy piece of merchandise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.