Pokemon Squishmallows May Restock Soon Following Fast Sellout

Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and of course, waves were made this summer when Squishmallows confirmed it was working with the brand. San Diego Comic-Con revealed the world's first look at Pokemon Squishmallows, after all. Hype for the release has only grown since, so it was not surprising to see The Pokemon Center sell out of its stock as soon as the plushes went live. But if all goes well, fans will get a chance to nab a plush before long.

For those needing some context, well – the whole thing dates back to November 22nd. The Pokemon Center finally put its Squishmallow debuts up for sale, and it is a miracle the whole site did not break. Millions of fans tried to nab either a Pikachu or Gengar plush when they went live. And of course, the combination of fans and scalpers led to an instant sellout.

As you can imagine, fans of all backgrounds were upset by the move. Not only did Pokemon lovers want to nab this soft plushes, but the Squishmallow community is by no means small. Kids and collectors alike were hoping to nab a plush ahead of the holidays, and Jazzwares' global brand manager for Pokemon wants to reassure those still on the hunt.

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"I've refreshed web pages, I've waited in insane lines, and I've gotten frustrated with ridiculous scalper culture in the past. I can promise you is we're planning a way for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to get their hands on Pokémon Squishmallows," Aaron Margolin shared on Twitter.

So far, no news has been shared of any restock at The Pokemon Center, but fans are keeping an ear out for updates. Jazzwares, the parent company of Squishmallows' trademark holder Kelly Toys, wants as many people as possible to nab these plushes as Christmas comes around. Plans are already in place for Target to carry these Pokemon Squishmallows, and distribution plans could change depending on demand. But for those panicking on the secondhand market, take a breath. It seems Squishmallow has plans to restock before long, so your chance to nab Pikachu or Gengar is on the horizon.

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