Rare Pokemon Card Collection Sells for Over $100,000 at Auction

When you want to catch 'em all, you better be willing to pay for it. Over the years, the Pokemon [...]

When you want to catch 'em all, you better be willing to pay for it. Over the years, the Pokemon Trading Card game has collected thousands of cards, but some are more coveted than others. Recently, one fan decided to drop big money on a set of rare cards, and it marks one of the biggest buys to ever hit the game.

As reported by TMZ, a huge sale went down at Goldin Auctions over the past weekend. It was there a set of rare Pokemon cards were sold, and their great condition led a buyer to spend $107,010 USD on the collection.

According to the report, 103 Pokemon cards were sold, and they are all rare buys. Each card are in perfect condition with a Gem Mint 10 rating. The collection includes the ever-rare 1st edition Charizard as well as holographic cards for Blastoiise, Alakazam, and Chansey.

Still shocked by the price? Well, Goldin Auctions isn't surprised by the bid. TMZ reports there are less than 50 of these cards in such good condition, and the whole set just made serious bank for one fan.

As for the Pokemon Trading Card game overall, it has become a treasure trove for die hard collectors. There are some cards like the Trophy Pikachu Trainer Card which are so rare there is no data tied to how much it'd sell at auction. Other cards like the coveted Pikachu Illustrator pick can sell for upwards of $90,000 while plenty more cards sell for well over the $10,000 mark.

Recently, one attempt to sell such a rare card took a terrible turn when the collectible went missing in transit. Earlier this year, a collector paid up $60,000 for a Trainer No. 3 card, another ultra rare card which rarely go up for sale. The card was sold on eBay via pokemonplace to a buyer, but the card was lost in shipment.

"My responsibility was to ship the card to Aramex [...] a middle man company that then ships the card to the buyer," pokemonplace told Polygon in an article. "The tracking information I have was with registered mail and shows tracking and a signature. Aramex claims they haven't received it and signed for a bulk lot."

Since the package was signed in, pokemonplace was unable to file an insurance claim on the card despite insuring it for $50,000. The only way to recoup the cash is to either find the card or somehow prove it was stolen. So if you are going to spend serious money on a trading card, it is definitely worth picking up the collectible in person.

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