Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Releases Season 2B Trailer

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World made fans wait long enough for season two, but it has [...]

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World made fans wait long enough for season two, but it has delivered in full. Netizens have been tuning in to the show religiously since its comeback, and the anime just welcomed its midseason finale. Now, a trailer has been released for the second half of season two, so Re:Zero fans better prepare themselves for all the feels.

Earlier today, Kadokawa put out a trailer for Re:Zero in light of its midseason finale. The clip was scooped up by fans who were eager to get a glimpse at season 2B. But after checking out the dark promo, they aren't sure they are ready for what the show has in store.

You can check out the bloody Re:Zero promo above if you think you have the nerve. The promo begins on a dark note as Subaru prepares to kill himself yet again in order to trigger his unique gift of resurrection. Subaru is equal parts blessed and cursed to come back to life after being killed, but he has learned how harmful the gift can really be.

rezero season 2
(Photo: Kadokawa)

As the trailer goes forward, fans are treated to a look at several desperate scenes. Subaru is killed in a good few of them while others like Rem and Ram are put in grave danger. The promo finally ends with Subaru cracking amidst a sizzle reel of death, so you can see why fans are concerned about season 2B.

Of course, they will have some time to steel themselves ahead of its premiere. Re:Zero will bring season two back to fans early next year. The show's midseason premiere is slated for January 2021, so fans will only go without for a few months. That gives them enough time to brace themselves for Subaru's next wave of angst... or to read the light novels for a heads up.

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