Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World Debuts Season 2B Poster

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World came out earlier this year to great fanfare, and [...]

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World came out earlier this year to great fanfare, and audiences were quick to admit the wait for season two was worth it. The first half of the new season forced our heroes into some very uncomfortable situations, and their journey is far from over. After all, the second half of season two needs to go live, and fans were just treated to a key visual for the drop.

Over on Twitter, the official page for Re:Zero surprised fans with a look at season 2B. It was there fans got a close look at Subaru, Emilia, and more. In fact, if you study the posters closely, you will see something interesting in this visual. The entire thing mimics the season's first poster with a more uplifting tale for our heroes.

If you will remember, the original poster for season two saw Subaru and his friends trapped inside a blue crystal. This new Re:Zero poster alters that image by focusing on the crystal as it explodes into pieces. Subaru is seen leading the charge from within the crystal as everyone breaks free, so it seems a major turning point is coming for our heroes. They might have been cornered in the first part of season two, but that will not be the case forever.

Re:Zero fans will also notice an array of other characters in this new visual. For one, a group of rabbits are seen below in the crystal's fractures, so that imagery is alive and well. As for specific characters, this visual also includes heroines such as Elsa, Roswaal, and Meili as they back up Subaru who is on a mission to save his friends (as always).

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