Rick And Morty Introduces Adult Swim's Version of Hellraiser's Cenobites

Rick And Morty has made fun of the likes of Captain Planet, Marvel's Submariner, and thrown a [...]

Rick And Morty has made fun of the likes of Captain Planet, Marvel's Submariner, and thrown a bucket of decoys into the lives of the Smith family, but it seems as if the characters of the popular Adult Swim series will be running into their most gruesome characters to date with their take on Hellraiser's cenobites. With this parody on some of Clive Barker's most popular creations drawn to Jerry Smith thanks in part to his boring style of partying, it's clear that Rick is going to have some supernatural problems on his hand during this fifth season.

Clive Barker's Hellraiser first began as a short story that was titled "The Hellbound Heart," giving us our first glimpse at Pinhead and his fellow cenobites in 1986 with the publishing of the novella. Only one year later, a feature-length film adaptation was made that was given the name Hellraiser and introduced this disturbing vision of hell to horror fans. Following its debut at the box office, and pulling in over ten times its production budget, the horror franchise created a series of sequels that further explored the world of the cenobites. While most of the Hellraiser movies were direct to video, HBO has been working on a new live-action television series that has yet to reveal a release date or trailer but is sure to be disturbing if it follows the stories that came before it.

Rick And Morty Hellraiser
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

In the cold opening for the fifth episode of this fifth season of Rick And Morty, it seems as if the cenobite knock offs are attracted to Jerry thanks to how much of a bore he is, describing his ideas for partying as being "pure suffering," With Rick apparently attempting to swindle them in the past, it seems that Sanchez is along for the ride as these demons hover over the most boring member of the Smiths.

This won't be the only time that you see a creation of Clive Barker arrive on the screen this year, as August's Candyman reboot is set to bring back the hook-handed slasher villain to stalk the city streets as an urban legend brought to life once again.

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