Rick & Morty Pays Homage To Hobo With A Shotgun Via New Promo

Rick And Morty's fifth season has given fans some of the best adventures in the history of the [...]

Rick And Morty's fifth season has given fans some of the best adventures in the history of the Adult Swim series to date, and recently, the popular Cartoon Network show has helped push forward its new episodes by giving fans claymation shorts that place the grandfather/grandson team into some well-known science fiction and horror movies. With its latest short, Rick And Morty finds itself in the lesser-known world of Hobo With A Shotgun that starred Rutger Hauer, and was definitely one of the more violent movies that the Adult Swim series has spoofed so far.

Hobo With A Shotgun was released into theaters in 2011 and lived up to its simplistic name by slapping a shotgun into Rutger Hauer's hands, wherein he entered a world of ultra-violence that was threatening the citizens of the environment he lived in. In previous shorts, Rick and Morty found themselves spoofing the likes of Godzilla Vs. Kong and Hereditary, taking the members of the Smith family and placing them into the roles of horror and sci-fi icons. With the Cartoon Network series creating countless spoofs over the course of its history, we look forward to seeing what other properties the series takes aim at next.

Twitter User Swimpedia shared the recently released short that places Rick Sanchez into the role of the titular "Hobo With A Shotgun," picking up a double-barreled weapon in order to blast away a number of Mortys that are threatening a Pawn Shop Owner:

In the fifth season so far, the Smith family have spoofed the likes of Marvel's Namor The Submariner with Rick's nemesis in Mr. Nimbus, as well as Captain Planet and the Planeteers in which Morty fell in love with the ecological superhero spoof. With the previous trailers for season five showing that the Adult Swim series will be taking swings at the likes of Hellraiser and Voltron, it's clear that the story of the Smiths is far from making light of some big properties in the world of entertainment.

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