Rick and Morty Season 5 Almost Had Chris Evans Join the Cast

Rick and Morty is back on its game as the show is living large with season five these days. Adult [...]

Rick and Morty is back on its game as the show is living large with season five these days. Adult Swim brought the animated comedy back this year for a spicy comeback, and the series has yet to disappoint. And in the coming seasons, it seems the crew behind Rick and Morty is hoping to bring in some special Marvel talent.

The information was shared by Rick and Morty producer Scott Marder during a chat with Monsters and Critics. The interview asked whether the show was interested in bringing on talent from established franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, it turns out Chris Evans is a huge fan of Rick and Morty, and Marder is far from opposed to the idea.

"We've danced around that. There was a character that was up for grabs for him this season, but I can't remember who that ended up going to. He's definitely on our radar… I'm a big comic book nerd from back in the day, so like all the Marvel dudes are very much on my radar," the producer explained.

Of course, Evans would be far from the first fan to join Rick and Morty as a cast member. Marder mentioned this during the chat after being asked how the show picks up its guest stars. While some roles are pitched hard, others come easily as the talent being eyed just so happens to love Rick and Morty.

"Most of them are [fans]. Sometimes we hear people are just fans. Other times, we've got a great casting department, and a lot of times they're just on the ball and offering up the perfect people for those roles. It's normally pretty organic. Thankfully, this show is so huge that it's normally pretty quick to get an answer from people... on stuff which makes our lives easier," Marder explained.

Clearly, Evans is a fan of the show, so fans are hoping the star gets to join Rick and Morty soon. The actor did hang up his work as Captain America by the end of Avengers: Endgame, so he does have some time on his hands. However, he has other projects on the horizon such as Lightyear, The Gray Man, and Don't Look Up.

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