Rick and Morty Sees Dozens of Ricks and Mortys Die in Season 5's Newest Episode

Rick and Morty has debuted the second episode of its fifth season, and you can get the full [...]

Rick and Morty has debuted the second episode of its fifth season, and you can get the full rundown here! Rick and Morty is now airing its new episodes on a weekly basis with Adult Swim, and the fifth season of the series has already gotten off to a promising start as it began to reveal more about Rick's mysterious past. The promo for this second episode teased we would get to see more of the fallout from the fourth season, however, as there are still many questions fans have about Space Beth and her whereabouts.

With Space Beth's appearance in the Season 4 finale left unaddressed with the first episode of the season, it's revealed in this newest episode that her arrival actually inspired Rick to set up a number of decoy families to keep them safe from those coming after Rick. But how does it all break down from here? Read on for all of the details from the newest episode!

  • The Smith family enjoys a nice breakfast as Rick and Morty reveal they are planning to kill the Christian God. Rick realizes something is wrong when Jerry reveals he has a job interview, and soon a group of armed squid aliens bursts into the house and shoots them all dead. Then it cuts to the Smith Family hunting a small creature, and Rick reveals that a decoy family has died and they now have to go on the run.
  • Rick reveals that because of Space Beth he's formed a number of decoy families that go on smaller adventures around the world, and soon a number of these families are killed by the armed squids. There's a brief detour with a fake out of interdimensional cable, but they are killed as well. Rick explains that these clones are basically the same, but have small differences nor do they know they are decoys.
  • One of the decoy families figures out they are decoys, and Rick freaks out and tells Morty to look into his butt for a fake out. He says they're the real family, and they'll go to hide with a decoy family. Soon the real family arrives, and they reveal there's a full replica of his house for his decoys. But soon he realizes that the decoy Rick has been making decoys as well.
  • They soon come across a decoy family that Rick didn't make, and yet another decoy family (the one that made this second set of decoys) arrives. The main family hides, and soon it's revealed that the decoy's decoy Rick has also made decoys. It devolves into chaos, and all of the decoys begin shooting at one another. Two of the decoy families end up killing one another and Rick explains what happened.
  • When the decoys started dying, the decoys started to realize they're decoys and went after the others. Now it's become a "Highlander" situation as it's kicked off a loop where all of the decoy families are killing one another. But instead of taking out the squids that started it all, they are going to try and shut down all of the decoys.
  • They then try and hide themselves among the squids, and after shooting one down, they discover that some of the squids are also decoys. Then the Smith family we had been watching all of this time explodes in a left over bomb as they were probably decoys as well. After the commercial break, a new Rick dies and suddenly a number of decoys confirm they are decoys or kill one another in increasingly brutal ways.
  • Soon one of the families come across a Rick that's far less alike than the others. He's angry that he's a decoy made by decoys of decoys, and he's become a skin hungry monster with a full decoy family just like him. Then a puppet decoy family arrives to help them, and takes them to a safe haven where a bunch of decoys have gone into hiding.
  • One of the decoy families had gone to the beach (as they are trapped in an "Asimov Cascade"), and soon they're killed by another set. This final Rick is going for something drastic and turns himself into a "Star Fox" boss to draw them all toward his house. Rick arms his family with weapons, and soon they head outside to fight all of the others.
  • The decoys begin to kill one another in brutal ways, and a Muppet version of Rick and Beth argue with one another and apologizes to Beth. They've been arguing this entire time, but reconcile their differences as Rick realizes he has gone too far. They reveal themselves to be fake, and then start fighting the others.
  • Summer kills her final decoy, and Rick kills his. The others are soon killed by the hunting creature Rick had created in the beginning, and he's still hoping someone kills him. A cut to space reveals Rick and the rest of the family (along with Space Beth!) as they say they've been taking a very long trip through space. This confirms they're likely the real ones.

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