Rick And Morty Shares New Look at Season Five's Namor Parody

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season is set to land this summer, returning anxious viewers to the lives [...]

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season is set to land this summer, returning anxious viewers to the lives of the Smith family, and the latest trailers for their upcoming adventures have taken the opportunity to spoof some major names in the world of pop culture, with one of the biggest being Marvel's resident prince of Atlantis, Namor the Submariner. Though the Submariner might not be one of Marvel's biggest superheroes, having yet to make an appearance in the company's Cinematic Universe, he remains one of the oldest as the protector of the deep was one of the first characters to appear from the publisher.

The fifth season isn't just taking the opportunity to spoof one of Marvel's oldest heroes, but also poke fun at the likes of Voltron, Hellraiser, Captain Planet, and perhaps too many others to count. Rick And Morty has been a series that has been able to dive into some strange, albeit hilarious territory over the course of its four seasons that have landed on Adult Swim. With more seasons already confirmed by Cartoon Network, it's clear that the creation of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland has earned its place as one of the most popular series to ever be released by the programming block.

Rick And Morty Namor
(Photo: Cartoon Network & Disney)

As mentioned earlier, Namor the Submariner has yet to be made a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the rights to the character in films still being somewhat murky. Much like the Incredible Hulk, the rights to the character were originally held by Universal, though it seems that things have changed over the years as Kevin Feige has stated that Disney does own the "movie rights" but the distribution rights are another story altogether. The future for Namor is unclear in the live-action world of the Avengers and their ilk, but there are plenty of fans who are crossing their fingers that the Atlantean will make his live-action debut in the future.

Rick And Morty's fifth season is slated to arrive next month on June 20th, with ten episodes planned to be released weekly following the premiere. With Easter Eggs aplenty in this new trailer, it seems as if the fifth season will continue upping the stakes for the mad scientist Rick and his beguiled grandson Morty.

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