Rick and Morty Launches Theme Song to Season 6's Horror Episode: Listen

Rick and Morty introduced the first real push into the world of Horror movies with the newest episode of the series, and Rick and Morty has launched the special creepy soundtrack for Season 6's newest episode! The newest season of the series has been surprising fans with each new episode thus far as they have been dramatically different from one another. Not only have they been exploring the Smith Family in new ways, but each episode has just felt like fun experiments with a new, portal less status quo. That has never been truer than with the newest episode. 

Rick and Morty's Season 6 episode "Night Family" put a Horror movie spin on the usual type of episode. Not only was the story itself much darker as "Night" versions of the family walked around in a zombie like state during their sleep, but the overall presentation was darkened in tone as well. This was from the lighting, the way scenes were composed, and most importantly, how it sounded. Composed by Ryan Elder, Rick and Morty has released the slick Horror infused "Night Family" soundtrack to YouTube. You can check it out below: 

"Night Family" saw Rick use a machine known as the "Somnambulator" to have his body do crunches in his sleep. He assigned tasks he didn't want to do to this sleepwalking version of himself, and the rest of the family gets in on it. While it starts out innocently enough as their Night selves did the tasks, soon they grew displeased with all of the work and wanted to live during the day. All of this was backed with the cool soundtrack, which had the synthesized thriller vibes that any great Horror film could have. 

But it still had plenty of jokes, it's still Rick and Morty after all. At the same time, it was also another kind of eye opening character experience as we got to see more of the subconscious thoughts of Summer and how she relates to Rick and the rest of her family. These could be seeds that could pay off in a later episode, or even later season as the series continues to build towards the next major villains. Maybe even more Horror could be back someday! 

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