Rick and Morty Reveals There Will Be No More Access to Portals

Rick and Morty has really changed everything with Season 6 of the series as its big premiere has revealed that there will no longer be any portals to use for the foreseeable future! The end of the fifth season saw Evil Morty using the remaining portal fluid left in the Citadel to free himself from the Central Finite Curve created by the Ricks. It was teased with that finale that the titular duo would no longer have access to the portals they had been using through the series thus far, and the Season 6 premiere confirmed that this is indeed going to be the case.

The opening moments from Season 6's premiere, "Solaricks" sees Rick confirming that his portal gun is no longer usable. But as the episode continues and he tries to get his portal gun working again, he ends up making a mistake that ultimately will lead to something even bigger moving forward. Because while he can get the portals up and running again any time he chooses, doing so will mean that he will also lose his only chance of hunting down the grand villain he has been searching for all this time

(Photo: Adult Swim)

"Solaricks" sees Rick trying to reset the portal fluid (and thus reset the ease of multiversal travel) the first chance he gets after being saved from the Citadel, but he ends up making the mistake of resetting portal travelers instead. This warps Rick, Morty, and Jerry back to their original universes, and it's soon revealed that in doing so Rick actually brought his big foe back to his original universe as well. While multiversal travel is still very much possible (as seen through the episode itself), it's now become such a lengthy process that we likely won't be seeing it too much. 

This means that the series' adventures will likely be relegated to a single universe, and if Rick does decide to get the portal fluid working again, it would also mean that Rick Prime will be able to escape from his current predicament as well. But with Rick Prime also being the true "Rickest Rick" out there, it might not be too long before portals become as plentiful as they were in the past. For now anyway, it's certainly an interesting wrinkle to see play out over the rest of the season. 

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