Rick and Morty Begins Streaming Season 6 Premiere for Free: Watch

Rick And Morty's sixth season is in full swing and the creators have confirmed in recent days that they're hoping that the Smith's families adventures will never end. Solaricks as a premiere threw some major curveballs into Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith's adventures, introducing countless multiverse headaches to the Adult Swim duo which will have major implications for the future. If you haven't caught the sixth season premiere, you can watch it right now for free to catch up on the multiverse madness.

Season Six's premier was a monumental one in Rick And Morty's lore, with Rick Sanchez making a mistake when it came to fixing his portal technology, causing everyone to return to their original universes. Morty returned to the "Cronenberg-verse", Rick returned to his universe which has been frozen in time as a way of punishing himself, and even Jerry was revealed to not be who everyone thought he was. While the second episode of season six focused on an adventure that was separate from the events that took place in the premiere, it definitely wouldn't come as a surprise to many fans if we were to see some familiar faces from season six's first episode return later on in the season.

Adult Swim's Youtube Channel has shared the season six premiere of Rick And Morty, "Solaricks", for fans to watch whenever they want for free, with the multiverse shenanigans ramping up as familiar universes were re-explored and a new chapter for the Smith Family took place:

Recently, we here at Comicbook.com had the opportunity to chat with creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland when it came to the season six premiere, with the former taking the opportunity to explore how the writers leaned into some tough questions for the mad scientist: 

"Rick and Morty, the challenge is if this dude [Rick] can just do that, why doesn't he just leave right now? And the nice answer is usually like, 'Well, let's not avoid that. Let's not try to solve that problem. What would happen if he did leave? And so sometimes we do that, like... 'let's have him leave'. Let's have him go home. He, he doesn't wanna be here if he can, let's just have him go home or to a different timeline and reach that.' You know, we had that conversation as early as in season 1... that was a big Rick and Morty birth moment for us was going, 'Let's not be afraid of jumping this shark. Let's have him move to a new earth in episode two or something."