Rick and Morty Showrunner Says Clone Beth Mystery Plays Major Role in Season 5

Fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Season 5 of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, especially [...]

Fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Season 5 of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, especially after the massive reveals with Bird Person and teases of Evil Morty's return in future episodes. But one of the biggest question marks surrounding fan theories has to do with the arrival of Clone Beth, or is it real Beth? Fans still don't know, but there are currently two versions of Morty's mom who have seemingly come to terms with the fact that they both exist and get to live without regrets, despite Rick's machinations. But what does that mean for the future?

It turns out the Clone Beth storyline will continue to play a role in Rick and Morty Season 5. Series co-creator Dan Harmon recently spoke at the digital PaleyFest 2020 alongside a few members of the cast, explaining that the mystery of which Beth is real will pop up again in the coming episodes.

"You know as much as Rick knows," explained Harmon. "I don't want to keep secrets with the audience. She's Schrodinger's Beth right now. The fact she may or may not be a clone is actually the important thing. It's the profound revelation about Rick's commitment to non-commitment and how abusive that can be as a parent. That is the important thing here. We're adding aunts to the family. We're having fun looking at more options with space Beth."

Even though the writing staff has apparently put many episodes in the can beyond the Season 4 finale, Harmon says they don't have any sort of story bible or plan to stick to as they continue. He added, "The last thing we want to do in an environment like that is [to] have a plan. We are the plan because we're the future. We're the guys who wrote the stuff they're now drawing. We make a tremendous effort to stay in the moment and not box ourselves in."

When Morty made a new life for himself that was ultimately erased in "The Vat of Acid Episode," he also moved beyond his obsession with Jessica. It looks like that could play a role in an upcoming episode, as Harmon teased something in Season 5.

"There's an episode in Season 5 where Morty has a relationship with another female character that's not Jessica. It's a great little story and my longtime friend and collaborator John Schrab wrote it. [Schrab] has a natural directorial instinct. He also is a tender writer, like a very juvenile John Hughes. He feels heartache on a level that a man his age shouldn't. There's an episode in Season 5 that my Emmy is going to," Harmon said.

Rick and Morty Season 5 does not yet have a release date on Adult Swim.