Rick and Morty Releases "Turnin' Turkey" Music Video

It's hard to think of a more popular series currently running on Adult Swim than Rick And Morty, [...]

It's hard to think of a more popular series currently running on Adult Swim than Rick And Morty, the surreal adventures of the Smith Family that will normally focus on the titular grandfather and grandson team traveling across the cosmos, alternate realities, and time itself. In its latest episode, both Rick and Morty found themselves experiencing an adventure, unlike anything they've ever experienced as they attempted to receive a Presidential Pardon by becoming turkeys, as Adult Swim has released a new hilarious, country music style music video to celebrate the surreal installment of the animated show from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

The fifth season of Rick And Morty has featured the Smith family running into Rick Sanchez's nemesis, a faux version of Marvel's Submariner, navigating an untold number of decoy versions of themselves, as well as dealing with a number of underground horse beings. In the latest installment, the dynamic duo goes a step too far by blasting a hole through the Constitution of the United States and placing themselves in the crosshairs of the government. With the President now gunning for them, the episode follows Rick Sanchez and his grandson discovering the hidden secrets of America while also dealing with terrifying turkey monsters looking to take over the world.

Rick And Morty
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

The President has been a recurring character in this Adult Swim series for a number of seasons, having scientific backing that puts him on an even playing field with Rick and will often cause quite the problem for Sanchez's adventures and experiments around the way. The commander-in-chief is voiced by Keith David, who many in the animation community will recognize for his voice work in classic series including Spawn and Gargoyles. This also isn't the first time that David has worked with Rick And Morty creator Dan Harmon, as Keith was an additional member of the television show Community during its final season.

Season Five only has a handful of episodes to go before its season finale, but fans of the Adult Swim series shouldn't fret when the latest installments end as Harmon and Roiland are continuing to produce new seasons of the series and it's clear that the creative minds involved are having a ball.

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