Rick and Morty Begins Countdown to Season 5 Premiere

The fifth season of Adult Swim's most popular series, Rick And Morty, is set to begin this Sunday [...]

The fifth season of Adult Swim's most popular series, Rick And Morty, is set to begin this Sunday on Cartoon Network, once again diving into the surreal adventures of the Smith family and their scientific genius of a grandfather, and the channel is getting fans ready for the next chapter with a big countdown on social media. With the trailers hinting at some of the upcoming adventures of the grandfather/grandson team, fans are hyped to see how the upcoming adventures of the series will impact both Rick and Morty as they travel through the galaxy, time, and everything in-between.

The trailers for the fifth season that we've seen to date have been fit to bursting with easter eggs that reference other pop culture material, with Marvel's Namor, Hellraiser, Voltron, and countless other series making their way to bizarre Adult Swim series. Each season of Rick And Morty has expanded on the characters of the titular "heroes", with the fourth season concluding by diving into the question of who was the real Beth and which daughter Rick was truly attempting to assist. With many more episodes and seasons already confirmed for the Cartoon Network season, a countdown is definitely in order to give fans more of an idea for the adventures that lie in wait.

Rick And Morty took to its Official Twitter Account, sharing a bizarre image of what looks like Beth as it prepares to introduce fans to more surreal hijinks that have often put the family members of the Smith clan through some terrifying and heady journeys:

While fans of Rick And Morty have been waiting for the fifth season to arrive, the popular series has made its way into some unexpected places, not just with its animated shorts that have filled the airwaves on Adult Swim from time to time, but also with its recent promotion in Wendy's restaurants. Offering customers new Rick And Morty sodas through their dispensers, it seems like these days, you can't escape the Smith Family when it comes to television or promotional merchandise in general.

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Rick and Morty returns this Sunday, June 20th at 11:00 p.m. Eastern.