Netflix Announces New Rilakkuma Series

Netflix took the opportunity earlier this week to announce a slew of new anime original series, as [...]

Netflix took the opportunity earlier this week to announce a slew of new anime original series, as well as the acquisition of some series that have already aired in Japan, with one of them happening to focus on following around a giant teddy bear by the name of Rilakkuma in Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure! Following the anime series of Rilakkuma And Kaoru to Netflix last year, the series will be in the same style of stop motion animation that focuses on the adorable adventures of a giant teddy bear and his friends that will find themselves living it up in a theme park.

Rilakkuma, for those who might not be familiar, is a mascot that was originally created by the company of San-X, and focused on a number of stuffed animals that lived with a modern working woman in Japan. Much like Sanrio's Hello Kitty and Aggretsuko, this marketing mascot for the merchandising company brought Rilakkuma to television following the character's popularity when it was placed onto stationary and other consumer goods. If you're looking for a hard hitting, action packed anime, this most likely won't be for you but Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure certainly looks like it will maintain the serene atmosphere of the first stop motion series.

Netflix announced the new anime series via their Official Twitter Account, following several announcements of new series such as Pacific Rim The Black, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, Yasuke, and several others that definitely aren't at all similar to these jovial adventures:

Aggretsuko is the latest example of a character created by a merchandising company, in Sanrio, though her adventures are hardly as soothing as those we've seen from Rilakkuma. The red panda who works in an office environment may look cute, but she hides a dark side that is more willing to sing death metal to alleviate her personal issues than anything else.

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