Sailor Moon Cosplay Perfectly Recreates The Hero's Transformation

Of all the transformations that have taken place within the medium of anime, perhaps none are as famous as Sailor Moon's transformation from Usagi to the protector of the galaxy that leads the Sailor Scouts. With Netflix releasing the latest film in the franchise earlier this year in Sailor Moon Eternal, it's no surprise to see that a new Cosplay has emerged to honor the Shojo series, as one fan brings the transformation of the popular anime character to life.

Recently, Sailor Moon didn't just make headlines thanks in part to the franchise's latest films on Netflix, but also as a part of 2021's Olympic Games, as the gymnastics team from Uzbekistan performed a routine that paid homage to the character that goes by both Serena and Usagi. While there haven't been any rumors as of yet to Sailor Moon returning to the world of animation following the release of Sailor Moon Eternal, the popularity of the franchise makes it a foregone conclusion that we'll be seeing both Usagi and the Sailor Scouts appear in the world of pop culture for quite some time to come.

Instagram Cosplayer Yaldamn shared this inspirational Cosplay which attempts to give fans of Sailor Moon an idea of what Usagi's transformation would look like in the real world, perfectly splitting the costume in half to mark the cycle in which the school girl becomes one of the protectors of the moon:

If you have yet to watch the latest film in the Shojo series, Netflix has offered the official description:

"When a dark power enshrouds the Earth after a total solar eclipse, the scattered Sailor Guardians must reunite to bring light back into the world."

Another prominent locale that featured Sailor Moon was Universal Studios Japan, which created a 4-D attraction that pit riders into the roles of on-lookers as Usagi and her fellow Sailor Scouts took on a brand new threat. With the theme park working on creating a new attraction for Hunter x Hunter, the amusement park is all-in when it comes to representing the world of anime.

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