Shaman King Flowers Anime Trailer, Poster Released

Shaman King is getting ready for a comeback! If you did not realize, the hit anime returned to television last year, and it was there fans reunited with Yoh Asakura. Now, it seems the Shaman King anime is eager to get back on the small screen, and we have been given a first look at the sequel Shaman King Flowers to celebrate!

Yes, that is right. Shaman King Flowers is getting its own anime, and the sequel just put out its first trailer-poster combo. As you can see above, the Shaman King anime released a short teaser trailer highlighting Hana and his friends. Done up by Studio Bridge, Shaman King Flowers looks like a worthy successor to the series reboot, so fans won't want to miss out on it.

And as for the Shaman King Flowers poster, it highlights a number of familiar faces. Of course, Hana is front and center. The poster goes on to confirm the Shaman King sequel will debut in January 2024, so fans have a while to go before the shonen title returns. This gives Shaman King lovers time to catch up on the anime's reboot, and you can binge the series on Crunchyroll right now.

If you are not familiar with Shaman King Flowers, you should know the sequel takes place well after the end of the original anime. It tells the story of Hana Asakura, the son of Yoh and Anna. The boy carries Yoh's spirit guardian with him, and despite being close with his parents, Hana lives without the two most of the time. He spends most of his time in Tokyo with friends, but Hana's life is turned upside down when a woman named Alumi appears and claims to be his fiancé.

And of course, the entire premise of Shaman King Flowers comes from Hiroyuki Takei's original manga. You can watch Shaman King on Hulu and Crunchyroll right now to brush up on its history. So if you need more details on the shonen, you can check out its official synopsis below:

"To most people, ghosts are the stuff of horror stories and nightmares. But to Yoh Asakura, a transfer student at Shinra Private Junior High, they're his friends! Yoh Asakura is a shaman--one of the gifted few who can speak to spirits. by channeling ghosts into his body--like the long-dead samurai Amidamaru--he can allow them to possess him and use their powers. But a modern-day shaman faces great responsibilities because spirits--and the people who work with them--can be very dangerous indeed."

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