One of Manga's Top Superhero Series Is Getting an Anime This Year

One of manga's top superhero series is getting an anime this year as Bukimi Miki's Shy is making its anime adaptation debut very soon! 2023 is already shaping up to be one of the most explosive new years for anime yet thanks to everything we got in the first few months of the Winter 2023 anime schedule, but there are still plenty of new anime projects coming our way. Many of these new adaptations have been superhero based in some way as well, and each of them have had their own unique spins on superhero stories seen in other mediums. 

First kicking off in the pages of Akita Shoten's Weekly Shonen Champion magazine back in 2019, an anime adaptation for Bukimi Miki's Shy manga series was first announced to be in the works last Fall. The latest update for this new anime has now confirmed that the adaptation will be making its debut some time later this year. Unfortunately there is no further concrete release date information outside of the fact it will be hitting this year. You can find the announcement below and Shy's debut trailer in the video above: 

What is Shy? 

The superhero action series follows a young girl named Teru Momijiyama, who becomes Japan's representative fighter as a new world war was fast approaching. Dubbed "Shy" due to her overwhelming shyness, the series then follows Shy as she becomes the hero she was always meant to be! She will be voiced by Shino Shimoji in the anime adaptation that's currently in development at studio 8-Bit with director Masaomi Ando signed on to oversee the project. If you wanted to catch up with the manga, Yen Press has released a few volumes of Shy in English and they tease the series as such:

"Earth was on the brink of a third World War when super-powered individuals came forth from each country around the globe, ending the conflict and ushering in a new era of relative peace. Among those heroes, Japan is represented by a timid young girl known as "Shy." She may spend more time worrying about her own shortcomings than she does battling villains, but she'll show the world that despite it all she still has the heart of a hero!"

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