Shin Godzilla Is Now on Sale for $3

While the King of the Monsters recently finished his battle against Kong in a winner take all [...]

While the King of the Monsters recently finished his battle against Kong in a winner take all battle in the West with the Legendary Pictures' blockbuster, the terrifying iteration of the lizard king has received an insane new sale for around $3 USD has fans can pick up a digital copy of Shin Godzilla right now here on Amazon. First released in 2016, Shin Godzilla decided to give the popular kaiju a scary makeover that made him look far more monstrous than the previous incarnations of the giant monster that we had seen in the past in both the East and the West.

Shin Godzilla didn't just give us a new aesthetic for the lizard king, it also gave him a far more antagonist attitude, as he burst forth from the depths with the sole purpose of destroying any and everything that was in his path. Created by Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame, the world of Shin didn't just give us a far scarier take on the world of kaiju, but will also get two new installments in the future that will focus on monster fighters with Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider. Though the future for Shin Godzilla is still unknown at this time when it comes to this take on the king of the monsters returning to the cinema, he definitely managed to leave an impression.

Twitter User Wario64 shared the news that Shin Godzilla was being offered for one of its lowest prices to date, offering fans what might very well be the scariest version of the most popular kaiju in the world that has not yet been confirmed to return:

Ironically enough, the future for Godzilla in both the East and the West is anyone's guess, as the king of the monsters hasn't been confirmed for a new movie with either Legendary Pictures or Toho Studios. While we don't expect these two worlds to collide in the near future, there is precedent for a crossover as the previous iteration of Godzilla in Western media, referred to as 'Zilla, stood toe to toe against the classic Japanese version during the bonkers Monster Wars movie.

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