Shonen Jump Chart Reveals When Its Biggest Manga Got Animes

Weekly Shonen Jump has been responsible for introducing some of the biggest franchises in the anime world over the decades, with the likes of Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Demon Slayer all getting their start on the monthly publication. For most of the popular manga series that hit Shonen Jump, an anime adaptation is in the cards and one fan has taken the opportunity to document how many chapters were released for certain series when it comes to the anime juggernauts.   

Weekly Shonen Jump has been a part of the anime world for decades, with the first issue of the manga collection arriving on August 1st, 1968. Since its initial appearance, Shueisha has branched out the publication into a number of other magazines that also collect different types of manga stories, including the likes of Monthly Shonen Jump, Weekly Young Jump, and Ultra Jump to name a few. With the regularly released magazine continuing to run some of the biggest stories in the realm of manga to this day, as well as continuously printing the chapters of the biggest manga series around, it doesn't seem as though Weekly Shonen Jump is going anywhere any time soon.

Twitter User Cer_Clover did a rundown of some of the making stories of Shonen Jump, revealing how many chapters it took for some of the publication's heavy hitters to get anime adaptations of their own, increasing the number of eyes on these action-packed stories across the board:

My Hero Academia – 65 Chapters
Haikyu – 80 Chapters
Dr. Stone – 83 Chapters
Jujutsu Kaisen – 85 Chapters
The Promised Neverland – 88 Chapters
Black Clover – 89 Chapters
Chainsaw Man – 97 Chapters
Demon Slayer: Kinetsu no Yaiba – 112 Chapters

Typically, when a manga series receives an anime adaptation, fans will help in skyrocketing sales of the original printed story, which most recently took place with the hit of the spring season, Spy x Family. With Wit Studio and CloverWorks bringing the anime adaptation to life earlier this year, the manga has now seen over eighteen million copies of its manga in circulation around the world. With this year set to see the arrival of Chainsaw Man and the return of My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, and Bleach, the sky is the limit for Shonen manga sales.

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Via Cer_Clover