Spy x Family Episode 23 Releases New Tennis Filled Images

Spy x Family is getting ready to close the door on the first season of its anime adaptation, with the Forgers' introduction sending shockwaves through the anime world. With the series becoming a heavy hitter among television series in general in Japan, China, and the world over, a new preview has arrived to get fans ready for a round-robin tournament that sees the Forgers continuing to hit the tennis court in an effort to save the world.    

A lot of the second cours of Spy x Family's first season has dove a bit more into slice-of-life comedy than overall espionage, with a number of installments focusing on two separate stories. With this latest cours beginning by adding the future-seeing dog, Bond, to the original Forger trio, the series hasn't been shy about introducing new characters. Such is the case with this latest arc that might bring the season to a close as Loid and a comrade within the spy organization known as WISE are attempting to gain some serious intel in helping them achieve their mission. Of course, the main twist of this quest is that to gain the knowledge, Loid and Fiona will need to defeat their opponents on the tennis court. 

Preview x Family

New preview images have arrived for Spy x Family Episode 23, showing that the tennis tournament is far from over with the Forgers seemingly having some internal struggles that they'll also need to work out as their intricate mission involving each member of the clan continues:

Wit and CloverWorks have yet to confirm whether the anime adaptation will return for a second season, though it's a surefire bet that based on the number of eyes trained on the Forger Family we'll see the season return. Should Spy x Family return, it might not see both Wit and CloverWorks do the same, as we've seen numerous anime series choose new studios for individual seasons. If you're jonesing for more Forgers, you can luckily pick up the manga that has seen Tatsuya Endo release many chapters that have yet to hit the anime adaptation.

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