Spy x Family Reveals First Look at Loid's Origin Story

Spy x Family's anime might currently be introducing fans to the super spy Twilight and his double life as Loid Forger, but the newest chapter of the manga is digging even deeper by sharing the first look at how he became the super spy he is today! Fans reading both the manga and keeping track of its anime adaptation might have spotted one allusion to the recent events of the manga when Loid began to reflect on his own past as a child, but it wasn't until the newest chapter of the manga that we are actually getting to see all of that play out.

Although much of the fun of Tatsuya Endo's original manga series thus far has been seeing how Loid's harder edges are slowly giving way to his love of his new family life with Anya and Yor, there has been very little revealed about Loid himself in terms of his past. Like the super spy he is, all of this has been kept fairly close to his chest but that's all changed with the newest chapter of the series that goes back several years to explore Loid's life growing up in the war torn region of Luwen in Eastern Westalis. It's an eye-opening look at how he came to be who he is today. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 62 of Spy x Family gives us our first look at the young Loid, (who eventually goes by the "Twilight" codename, and while his real name is still being kept confidential, this is the first real look into his origins in general. It's revealed that the young Loid dreamed of joining the military as his region was then locked in a war with another country. He was particularly adept at a young age, but his father had instead wanted him to work on his studies and get into school. It got to the point where his father would abuse him for even thinking of joining the military. 

Wanting his son to instead wish for peace, his father seemed to go about it the wrong way. Still, Loid wanted to follow his dream. He even goes as far as lying to his father to get money for some play solder equipment, but feels terrible over the fact he lied to do so. But as the young Loid reconsiders, his region is soon bombed as the warring Ostanian army has crossed their borders and launched an attack on his region as the chapter comes to an end. But now we'll see how it works out for the rest of Loid's origin. 

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