Star Wars: Visions Anthology Inspires an Upcoming Novel

Star Wars has big plans these days thanks to Disney+ and its expanding catalog. The streaming [...]

Star Wars has big plans these days thanks to Disney+ and its expanding catalog. The streaming service will welcome a slew of titles from a galaxy far, far away before long. One of these upcoming projects will blend Star Wars with anime, and it turns out an original novel is being released to preface the whole anthology.

The news comes straight from Del Rey Books who oversees plenty of Star Wars novelizations. It was there the publisher confirmed an original novel is being released this fall that will tie into Star Wars: Visions, the first anime crossover for the franchise.

"This year, Star Wars: Visions will bring all-new, creative takes on Star Wars from the world's best anime creators," the publisher shared in a new statement. "Coming Oct 12th, an original novel inspired by one of those animated tales. A Star Wars book quite unlike any before it."

The book will be titled Ronin, and it will be penned by Star Wars newcomer Emma Mirko Candon. "This is not a novelization. This is an original novel. And to tell it, we're so thrilled to have a vibrant new voice in Emma Mieko Candon joining the Star Wars author family. We can't wait to share more of Emma's story with you soon," Del Rey Books continued.

At this point, there is no word on what this novel will be about, but its title is telling. Ronin do exist in the Star Wars universe, but their legacy status leaves them open to alterations moving forward. Of course, ronin have historical roots in the real world as well, so Candon's story could draw from that well of inspiration. Either way, it seems like Disney+ and Lucasfilm have plans to set up something special for Star Wars: Visions, so we hope the anime anthology is up to the task.

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