Studio Ghibli: Hayao Miyazaki's New Film Nabs Release Date

It is no secret that Studio Ghibli is one of anime's biggest brands, and the company is ready to add another project to its portfolio. After all, director Hayao Miyazaki left retirement to oversee a new coming-of-age story, and it will be hitting theaters soon. A new report has confirmed How Do You Live will release next year, and it will be a must-watch for every movie buff. 

The update comes straight from Studio Ghibli as Miyazaki's team shared an update on How Do You Live. It was there the group announced the movie will open in theaters in Japan on July 14, 2023. At this point, no word has been given on the movie's international release date, but fans can expect to hear about the rollout soon.

Miyazaki's Return to Film

To celebrate the movie's release date, Studio Ghibli also shared a curious sketch tie to How Do You Live. The image, as you can see above, focuses on a strange birdlike creature with blue eyes and white feathering. It seems Miyazaki's new film will lean into the fantastic once more if creatures like this have a role. So if you like the director's take on fantasy, you won't want to miss How Do You Live.

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So far, fans know little about the movie's exact story, but Studio Ghibli has shared where Miyazaki's inspiration for the film comes from. The tale comes from a 1937 book by Japanese author Genzaburo Yoshino. Titled How Do You Live, the story follows a young teen as he grows into young adulthood and searches for the meaning of life. The tale explores complex themes of poverty and spiritualism, so you can see why Miyazaki felt compelled to bring the tale to film. And now, fans know the movie will be going live next year. 

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