Studio Ghibli: Here's Each Countries' Favorite Miyazaki Film

When it comes to Studio Ghibli, the company can do little wrong. Over the years, the beloved [...]

When it comes to Studio Ghibli, the company can do little wrong. Over the years, the beloved studio has brought out tons of hit movies, and they have been absorbed the world over. Now, a recent report from the team at Broadband Choices has gone live, and it tracks the top Studio Ghibli movie in most countries across the globe.

The piece comes after Studio Ghibli made a landmark deal to bring its movies to fans all over. The company made a deal with HBO Max and Netflix to stream its catalog of movies all over despite its known disinterest in streaming. When paired with its home video releases, Studio Ghibli has never been easier to watch, and this new report shows as much. After all, Broadband Choices measured each Studio Ghibli film by its web-search volume, and that resulted in a pick for each country.

(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

According to the report, Spirited Away is the most popular film overseen by Studio Ghibli. The 2001 hit is best known in places like Canada, North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Moree. In fact, a total of 80 countries selected Spirited Away as their top pick with their Google pings alone.

The film in second place belongs to Howl's Moving Castle with 19 countries under its belt. Princess Mononoke nabbed third before Ponyo, Porco Rosso, My Neighbor Totoro, and Grave of the Fireflies wrapped up seventh place.

And when it comes to a country's overall love of Studio Ghibli, well - the results might just surprise you. The report figured out which country outside of Japan searches any and all Studio Ghibli queries per person. The top pick went to Australia before Canada, the USA, Singapore, and the United Kingdom rounded the top five picks.

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