Studio Ghibli Celebrates Spirited Away Anniversary with New Art

Spirited Away remains distinct within the beloved library of Studio Ghibli, not just thanks to its [...]

Spirited Away remains distinct within the beloved library of Studio Ghibli, not just thanks to its magical story that saw a young girl transported into a bizarre new world, but also thanks to it being the only movie in the animation house's history to win Best Animated Picture at the Academy Awards. Though Spirited Away was recently dethroned as the most profitable movie released in Japanese theaters by Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, the Ghibli movie remains one of the most memorable entries in the studio's catalog and it's clear there is plenty of love for the movie in the anime community.

Spirited Away might have been released twenty years ago, but Ghibli is still churning out new magical adventures these past few years, with 2020 seeing a unique new story released by the animation studio. In Earwig And The Witch, Studio Ghibli tried its hand at transferring the aesthetic of its two-dimensional artwork into the world of computer-generated animation. This year will see a new project arrive in the form of "How Do You Live?" which has yet to reveal any animation for the upcoming project that Hayao Miyazaki had a hand in creating.

Studio Ghibli shared two new pieces of art that celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spirited Away, which has grown to become one of the most popular films of the animation house that was created with the assistance of director Hayao Miyazaki and a band of talented animators:

Ghibli fans aren't just waiting for their upcoming animated feature to hit theaters, but also the upcoming theme park that will be bringing a number of locales from the Studio's history. For Spirited Away, the movie will be brought to life in the theme park via the "Ghibli Large Warehouse Area," which will feature a dining area that is inspired by the film. Considering how amazing Ghibli has been about animating food, we would imagine this will be a popular area.

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