Studio Ghibli Completes Museum Crowdfund

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown quite a few monkey wrenches into the works when it comes to a [...]

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown quite a few monkey wrenches into the works when it comes to a number of anime projects over the past year, with Studio Ghibli's museum almost being a casualty of the necessity to social distance and limit the number of patrons visiting the collection of Ghibli art and pillars of the legendary studio. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign, it seems as if the Ghibli Museum has managed to turn things around and avert disaster when it comes to keeping its doors open and giving fans a more in-depth work into the history of the studio.

When the crowdfunding campaign opened earlier this month, it was seeking around $90,000 USD when it came to making sure that the museum's doors would stay open, and we're sure that Ghibli is happy with the results as it blew past its goal in only twenty-four hours, ensuring that the museum would remain open in the future. The campaign, which will be open until January 31st of next year, will allow fans of Ghibli to donate while also receiving a tax write-off for their donation in turn. With the coronavirus pandemic causing a huge decline in overall ticket sales for understandable reasons, we're sure that plenty of Ghibli fans are happy to hear how much support was thrown behind the establishment.

Studio Ghibli
(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

The Ghibli Museum first opened its doors in October 2001, allowing anime fans to see various artwork from the studio as well as unique exhibits and replicas that helped paint the picture of the history of the legendary animation house. As Ghibli continues to create masterpieces in the world of animation to this day, with the latest being the computer-generated feature-length film of Earwig And The Witch that hit last year, we're sure that the Museum will seek to have its doors stay open for years to come.

On top of the Museum, Studio Ghibli is currently set to open a new experience in their amusement park that is seeking to open its doors next year, which will allow anime fans to visit recreations of some of the animation house's biggest film locales.

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