Studio Ghibli Brings Complete Vinyl Record Collection to Shelves

Studio Ghibli may be known best for its films, but the company is just as loved for its music if you listen closely. All of its films boast a whimsical soundtrack that could get anyone relaxed, so it is not surprising to learn the OSTs are beloved by fans worldwide. And if you happen to love vinyl, well - it is time you nabbed the complete collection of Studio Ghibli vinyls for yourself. Just call it a special new year treat!

Earlier this year, it was announced Studio Ghibli was completing its vinyl collection. Records were ordered for Spirited Away as well as Howl's Moving Castle. Now, the pair have been put onto the market, and Animate's global store has started selling the complete Studio Ghibli collection for fans the world over.

As you can see here, there are a total of 20 records up for sale, and they will run you a pretty penny. The records, which Hayao Miyazaki oversaw with composer Joe Hisaishi, will be must-haves for fans. But if you want to collect them all, it will cost you over $750 USD before shipping and tax.

Obviously, you can buy the records on their own, and that gives you way more flexibility when it comes to pricing. Each vinyl costs about $36 USD with some costing just a bit more. Each record comes packaged in a gorgeous sleeve featuring artwork from its Studio Ghibli film, so these pieces are perfect for display. So if you want to bring the magic of Miyazaki home, you better nab your favorite vinyl before they are gone for good!

Which of these soundtracks would you like to add to your vinyl collection? Does Studio Ghibli have the best music when it comes to anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.