Dragon Ball Heroes Announces New Anime Arc

It took plenty of time, but it seems like Dragon Ball is ready to move on. While the manga is keeping a close eye on Moro, other pieces of the franchise are eager to start the new year fresh. That is why the most recent episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes brought Hearts' arc to an end, and a new one is on its way.

Today, the 19th episode of Dragon Ball Heroes went live, and it ended as many expected. Gogeta and the gang made sure to defeat Hearts, but a new villain is coming up fast. Next month, a new episode will be released as a special, and it will kick off the Time Patrol arc.

The announcement was made inconspicuously enough. The PR anime's next title gave enough away. The episode will be called "Decisive Battle! Time Patrol vs Dark King", and that gives away plenty. A special poster was also released for the episode, and it sees the return of Xeno Goku.

As you can check out above, the special will pit Xeno Goku and Trunks against a strange foe. The Dark King will debut in the anime with this episode, and he's one bad dude. Not only does he has a demonic look to him, but the Dark King has caused trouble for Xeno Goku in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes manga for some time. The goal of this special will be to catch up anime-only fans with the entire Time Patrol story, so here's to hoping the episode does it justice. Fans will be able to check out this upcoming special in February 2020.

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