Watch: Dragon Ball Heroes Releases Big Bang Mission Episode 9

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has released Episode 9 of the Big Bang Mission arc! The promotional anime series has been running through its second season as it's seen Goku and Vegeta (as well as their alternate universe Xenoverse incarnations) take on a new kind of foe as the entire multiverse has been put at stake. Following a brief break with a special episode to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original arcade game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has officially returned to the events of the Big Bang Mission arc with the newest episode of the promotional series.

Now Super Dragon Ball Heroes has released the ninth episode of its Big Bang Mission arc, titled "Evil Reborn! Dark Lord Fu is Born!," you can check it out for yourself in the video above! This episode takes the Big Bang Mission arc one step further as not only does Fu get to reach a new stage of power, but Vegito Xeno has reached a new level of the fusion's Super Saiyan 4 form as well!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Big Bang Mission arc continues with the newest episode released as part of the franchise's presentation during Jump Festa 2021 Online, and during this presentation the franchise announced that the promotional anime releases will be contonuing beyond the Big Bang Mission arc with totally new kind of battles spanning even more of the multiverse.

It was confirmed that this new story will be kicking off in March 2021, so fans have a few more episodes of the Big Bang Mission arc to enjoy. The newest episode of the promotional series teases that this is the climax of the fight as Super Saiyan Blue Vegito will be teaming up with Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker Vegito Xeno against Fu's dark new form, but the end of the episode teasing an even stronger (and more enticing) foe is coming in the next episode. This series is the only place the franchise can play with ideas and characters like this, so cross your fingers it comes through!


But what do you think of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series? How are you liking the Big Bang Mission season so far? How does it compare to the fights seen during the first season of the project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!