Mark Millar Hypes Supercrooks Anime For All to See

Mark Millar's latest project for Netflix, the live-action superhero series Jupiter's Legacy, is [...]

Mark Millar's latest project for Netflix, the live-action superhero series Jupiter's Legacy, is only one of many projects that prolific comic creator is working on for the streaming service, with Millar recently taking to social media to get fans ready for the arrival of an animated adaptation of his comic series, Supercrooks. The upcoming anime will be created by Studio Bones, the same producers responsible for My Hero Academia, and apparently will be giving fans a first look at the series next month via the Annecy Animation Festival in Japan prior to its release on Netflix.

Supercrooks, for those who might not be familiar with the comic book's concept, follows a group of former supervillains who are slapping on their costumes once again to pull off the heist of the century. As Millar describes it, the series will arrive via thirteen animated episodes at thirty minutes each, and while there has yet to be an official release date revealed by the comic's creator, he hinted at the idea that it would be arriving later this year. Alongside Supercrooks, Millar is also working on other projects for Netflix including adaptations of his stories American Jesus, Reborn, The Kingsman, and The Magic Order.

Mark Millar took to his Official Twitter Account to share the news that Supercrooks would be giving fans a first look at its animated series created by My Hero Academia's Studio Bones at next month's Annecy Animation Festival, which will be another addition to Netflix's anime library later this year:

Supercrooks first arrived via Millar's own comic publishing company, Millarworld, in 2012, with a four-issue series drawn by comic book legend Leinil Francis Yu. With the mini-series only having four issues, it will be interesting to see if new material is added to the television series in order to pad out the thirteen-episode length and just how the designs of the original villains will be translated into animation thanks to Studio Bones.

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