Superman Set to Launch New Manga Series

When it comes to manga, there are countless stories out there waiting to be told, and the medium is keen to welcome most of them. From far-flung heroes to fantasy foes, no character is too big or small for a manga. This is why Superman is about to tackle his own series that few will see coming.

The announcement came from Kodansha as the publisher is working with DC Comics on the series. The series is being drawn by Kitago Kai while Miyagawa Satoshi takes care of the story. Superman will come to life in this series as a superhero, but he will eat lots of delicious food along the way.

The series itself will be called Superman vs Meshi. For those who don't know, meshi is a word in Japanese that refers to a meal. This is very fitting given that Superman is going to be facing off with different dishes in this manga.

If you want to nab a copy of this manga, it will be going live in Japan on June 22. There are no current plans to bring the series to the United States, but that can always change. If the series is a hit, it would not take much to bring Superman vs Meshi stateside.

After all, that is what Marvel Comics is doing on its end. The group will be working with Viz Media to bring a series of Marvel manga to English readers in the next year. This will include Deadpool's ongoing manga that has become a bonafide hit. Reports did confirm the manga outdid most of Marvel's domestic comics in terms of readership, so you cannot blame them for wanting to bring it stateside. And if Superman is lucky, he will get the same treatment.


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