Superman Manga Shares New Sneak-Peek

Clark Kent is an icon in every right, and his tenure as Superman is keeping the Kryptonian around [...]

Clark Kent is an icon in every right, and his tenure as Superman is keeping the Kryptonian around these days. After all, DC Comics considers the superhero to be one of its tentpoles with Batman, and that means Superman gets a lot of love in print. Soon, this will expand to cover manga, and fans have gotten a new look at Superman's upcoming series.

If you did not know, Superman is slated to get his own manga this month. DC Comics and Kodansha are coming together to publish a foodie-friendly series. Superman vs Food: Meal For One will go live next week in Japan, and a new key visual has gone live for the manga.

As you can see above, the visual was shared ahead of Superman's manga debut. The piece shows the hero in full color while holding a bowl of rice in hand. With chopsticks at the ready, Superman looks as buff as ever, and Clark's jawline could make Lois Lane's knees go weak. That is all in a day's work for Superman, and it seems his new manga will treat Clark to more meals than villains.

According to the publishers, Superman vs Food will follow the hero as he visits different restaurants around Japan for lunch. You can rest assure he will face some villains during his lunch break, but Superman will be more concerned with ramen than wreckage in this book. So if you happen to love food and superheroes, well - this is the series for you.

Superman vs Food is slated to debut in Japan on June 22, and it will be written by Satoshi Miyagawa with art done by Kai Kitago. This manga is just one of several DC Comics has pursued as of late. Most recently, One Operation Joker went live with the villain taking care of an infant Bruce Wayne. Batman Justice Buster was the first DC Comics x Kodansha collaboration, and it put its focus entirely on Gotham's caped crusader.

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