Sword Art Online Shares Eugeo's Emotional War of Underworld Return

Sword Art Online's Alicization saga has been one of the longest in the series to date and the first half introduced Kirito to a boy named Eugeo, who grew up together with the Underworld version of Kirito and eventually helped him take on Administrator at the end of that first half. But in the battle, Eugeo also lost his life. Kirito was not much better off either as he had fallen into a coma due to a glitch when trying to contact the outside world. Surprisingly, with Kirito waking back up and returning to action during the War of Underworld arc is also opened up the door for an emotional return from Eugeo as well.

The newest episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld ushered in Kirito's first official fight in the arc, and there was a bit of a rough start. Although it would soon be revealed that this new and rebuilt version of Kirito is stronger than any version of his virtual self in the past, he was not immediately ready for battle against Prisoner of Hell that soon after waking up. As they continue to clash, Kirito is actually pushed back for a moment.

Kirito nearly gives in, but soon Eugeo returns to him in a spiritual form much like Yuuki did for Asuna in the previous episode. Kirito breaks down in tears seeing Eugeo again, and together they have enough power to push Prisoner of Hell back. Eugeo's return also gives Kirito access to his abilities too as they unleash Eugeo's Perfect Weapon Control art to defeat the invading American players.

Kirito and Eugeo's bond was the strongest part of the first half of the Alicization saga, and now that he will be spiritually by his side, Kirito has enough power, confidence, and will to take on the final foe of the arc overall. But as the War of Underworld arc continues with the next episodes, Kirito's going to need as much support from Eugeo as he can get.

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