Sword Art Online Creator Reveals the Most Difficult Arc to Write

The third season of Sword Art Online's anime might have come to a close, but the series is [...]

The third season of Sword Art Online's anime might have come to a close, but the series is planning a big return with a prequel series in the form of Sword Art Online Progressive which will follow the earlier adventures of Asuna during the events of the first season, and recently the creator of the anime franchise talked about which arc was the most difficult for him to write. With Kirito taking a back seat to most of the second half of the third season of the anime, it was definitely interesting to see how the latest saga played out.

The creator of the series, Reki Kawahara, recently had an interview with the publication of Dengeki Online, with the outlet asking Kawahara just which saga was the most difficult to write. Reki noted that the first story line of Aincard proved to be the most difficult for him to write as he "wasn't sure how well it would be received". With Sword Art Online's success, we've seen a large number of anime franchises arise that look at worlds which are modeled after characters either trapped, or simply participating within, a massively multiplayer online role playing game. While a number of these series are different such as The Rising of the Shield Hero and Overlord, SAO gave these series a lot to live up to!

Twitter Outlet SAO_Wikia shared a number of different segments from the interview, giving us a far better insight into the mind of the creator of Sword Art Online and the steps he has taken to create the most popular anime series that focuses on the world of MMORPGs:

A-1 Pictures didn't waste any time in announcing the follow up to Sword Art Online: War of Underworld, taking a drastically different approach by following the story of Asuna in the earlier days of the franchise. While stories taking place in the future within the anime are still up in the air, we would imagine that the popularity of the franchise will give us tales for years to come.

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