More of The Promised Neverland Could Be on the Way

With many anime hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic with delays, there are also many big [...]

With many anime hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic with delays, there are also many big franchises that are taking a bow and ending their stories with The Promised Neverland definitely one of the bigger but the creator of the popular franchise hints that there still might be "some gas in the tank". With the story of Emma, Ray, and Norman ending in the manga, the creator Posuka Demizu is shocking many by touting a "side project" that may continue the story of the Promised Neverland with either a side story or a full blown sequel!

While the manga may have come to a conclusion, The Promised Neverland isn't slowing down across numerous other mediums. The anime for the second season is still slated to be released next year, impacted by COVID-19 as it was originally slated to be released later this year in 2020. A feature length film is being developed in Japan that will translate the story of the orphans learning that their world is far more dangerous than they had once thought. On top of these two mediums, Amazon shocked many with the announcement that a live action series for The Promised Neverland will also be developed for fans.

Twitter Outlet WSJ_Manga shared a translation of a Tweet from the series creator Demizu Posuka, who announced that she is currently working on a "special project" that is unique from the many other series that are currently coming out of the popular anime franchise of The Promised Neverland:

Many fans can't believe that the manga has come to an end, seemingly debuting its finale in the midst of other anime franchises ending such as Demon Slayer. Though the finale is somewhat conclusive for the story arc of the character we great to know in The Promised Neverland, anime has taught us that there is always a way for new stories to be told in a universe that has seemingly reached its end.

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