The Promised Neverland Confirms Final Chapter Release Date

The Promised Neverland is easily one of the most unique anime properties that is running today, [...]

The Promised Neverland is easily one of the most unique anime properties that is running today, following an orphanage of children that are attempting to escape from a dire situation as the stakes continue to ramp higher with each passing chapter, and the final chapter has been given a release date that brings the story to a close. The series has become a fan favorite among many members of the anime community, offering a tense, and often times horrific, story that gives us some of the most nail biting scenes in any series running today!

The second season of The Promised Neverland's anime series was, like so many other animes, affected by the coronavirus pandemic and as a result will be releasing next year, rather than later in 2020 as it was originally slated to. On top of the upcoming confirmed season, the franchise will also be releasing a live action film that will cover material from the first story lines of the series and is slated to be released into theaters later this winter. Regardless of the medium that the story is presented in, The Promised Neverland has done a fantastic job of bringing in new audiences to witness the terrifying story.

Twitter User TPNManga shared that excerpt from Weekly Shonen Jump that gives a description of where The Promised Neverland is currently at in terms of story and revealing that on June 14th, the story of the trio of orphans will finally reach its conclusion and hopefully give them a happy ending:

As stated above, The Promised Neverland is unlike any Shonen series that has run in the past, with the story of an orphanage discovering that they live in a world ruled by monsters that are effectively raising them to be slaughtered is certainly against the grain for the publication of Weekly Shonen Jump. Scary as the series was, it seems as if the conclusion of the franchise will finally give our protagonists peace moving forward.

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