The Promised Neverland Brings Gracefield to Life in Virtual Exhibit

The Promised Neverland's second season capped off the anime series, with many fans of the orphans of Gracefield House feeling conflicted at how the story of Emma, Ray, and Norman came to a close, but that isn't stopping the anime franchise from diving into new territories. With a live-action Amazon series in the works and a feature-length film released in Japan late last year, it seems that fans of the scary series will have the ability to visit Gracefield in real life via a new Exhibit that will be swinging its doors open later this summer.

The Official Promised Neverland Twitter Account shared new information about the upcoming exhibit, that will allow anime fans to visit the domicile that made the dark quest of Emma, Ray, and Norman become so popular within the anime community:

On top of this announcement, an Official Twitter Account was made for the Exhibit as well, showing netizens that the Grace Field House recreation was in fact a real creation, allowing fans to relive the "jailbreak" that saw the orphans discovering that their world was far darker than they could have possibly imagined:

The Exhibit will swing open its doors on July 17th at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum, eventually bringing them to a close on December 30th.


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