The Promised Neverland's Finale Finished Adapting the Manga in the Worst Way

The Promised Neverland was once viewed as the best in anime, but that is far from the case now. [...]

The Promised Neverland was once viewed as the best in anime, but that is far from the case now. The show made its return to TV this year after a long wait, and to the disappointment of fans everywhere, it was awful. Even with the most objective of lenses, the anime failed to properly see out the vision of The Promised Neverland's manga, so you will be happy to know the whole thing is over for good.

If you did not keep up with the second season, well - we cannot blame you. The whole thing started fine enough but deviated wildly starting from episode two onward. The show began cutting out major manga arcs such as Goldy Pond to the dismay of everyone, so tons of fans jumped ship at that point. And if you made it to the finale, you know The Promised Neverland finished Emma's story in the worst way.

In an ideal world, The Promised Neverland would have had three or four seasons. But as you can see, we live in no such fantasy. The Promised Neverland came to a close with season two by wrapping the manga's tale in the laziest of terms. Fans watched as Emma brought the demon world into a new era while giving grace to Isabella and more. The sappy ending made little-to-no sense given where Emma's gang was at the start of season two. But well, what are you going to do about it?

As you can imagine, fans of The Promised Neverland were horrified by the hollow attempt season two made at finishing the manga. Netizens are now calling the anime one of the worst adaptations in modern history as its reputation took an unprecedented nosedive. Now, The Promised Neverland lives amongst flops like Tokyo Ghoul:re and Berserk. So if you still haven't checked out season two, we suggest you skip it entirely in favor of the manga.

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