The Promised Neverland Reminds Fans to Social Distance in New PSA

The Promised Neverland is set in a world filled with horrors, but as the manga comes to a close, its stars are doing what they can to help readers through our own pandemic struggles. Over on Twitter, the artist Posuka Demizu brought the leads of The Promised Neverland to light as the co-creator showed support to the Stay Home campaign. And as you can imagine, it follows our favorite orphans as they social distance while keeping in touch.

Demizu, who has been busy drawing the final chapters of The Promised Neverland, made sure they took time for this worthy cause. The gorgeous drawing focuses on Norman, Ray, and Emma who are all staying six feet apart as they go about their day.

Of course, Norman seems worse off as the young boy seems ill in bed, but he is recovering. Emma keeps the boy entertained using a string telephone, and that keeps them in touch while still staying apart from one another. As for Ray, the boy is shown sitting near his friends as he leans against a tree trunk. With a book in hand, Ray keeps informed of his surroundings, and he has joined his friends in donning a face mask to stay safe.

Of course, this scene should be somewhat familiar to fans as Emma and Norman really did have to chat in the series like this. In one part of The Promised Neverland, Norman falls ill, so Emma finds a way to talk with him by fashioning a string telephone. Now, the heroine is doing so in this PSA to highlight the need for social distancing, and Norman seems happy for the company.

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