The Promised Neverland Teases Its "Imminent" Ending

The Promised Neverland is closing in on its final chapter, and Shonen Jump has something special [...]

The Promised Neverland is closing in on its final chapter, and Shonen Jump has something special planned for the imminent finale. For those who are keeping up with Emma's adventures, the orphaned girl is nearly done with her quest to save her family and countless others. And as it turns out, the hit series will get a little treat shortly to celebrate its finale.

According to a news report by Anime News Network, The Promised Neverland's final chapter is said to end soon. The imminent tease was given by Shonen Jump after publisher Shueisha chose to inform fans of a project being worked on behind the scenes. The unknown project is meant to celebrate The Promised Neverland in honor of its ending, so readers know Emma is going to wrap things sooner rather than later.

Of course, fans of the manga have seen this finale coming. The Promised Neverland raked in millions of fans when its anime debuted last January, but its manga was well on its way by that point. Creators Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu confirmed the manga was entering its climax back in August, and the pair made short work of this final story. Emma managed to negotiate deals which few fans dared to dream about, so there is little else for the heroine to do nowadays.


Of course, the manga's end does not mean The Promised Neverland is out of luck. The franchise continues to live on through the anime as a second season is in the works. The new season was set to debut this October, but the ongoing pandemic has forced The Promised Neverland to push the release to January 2021. And if things work in favor for the theater industry, The Promised Neverland's live-action film will debut in Japan starting this December.

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