Masi Oka Wants to The Promised Neverland to Get Adapted in Live Action

Masi Oka made waves when he was first introduced as Hiro in the NBC television show Heroes, a Japanese salaryman and Otaku who had the ability to teleport, and we recently had the opportunity to chat with him not just regarding his career but his love of all things anime! When our own Megan Peters had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Oka about his favorite anime, he dove into which anime franchise he would like to see adapted into a live action movie or television series and it just so happened to be the nerve wrenching series that is The Promised Neverland!

As folks who follow the world of anime may know, The Promised Neverland WILL be getting a live action adaptation that will be released this winter. Of course, who is to say if it will still hit that release window with the coronavirus causing a number of projects in the world of entertainment and anime to be delayed. Ironically enough, the second season of the Promised Neverland's anime has been delayed to 2021 thanks in part to the pandemic so we wouldn't take any bets now that the live action adaptation will be making its way into theaters this year based on that.

When asked regarding what anime adaptation that Masi Oka would like to see brought to life, the former star of Heroes had this to say about his choice for which franchise should be made into either a live action feature length film or a television series:

"Yeah, I mean there is definitely a lot of anime to choose from, but I think probably The Promised Neverland is a good candidate for that."

If you haven't been following the creepy anime franchise, it follows a trio of orphans that discover that the world they are currently living in isn't as cheery as they originally thought. The world of the Promised Neverland focuses on a world that is secretly populated with monsters and the children that are being held in the orphanage are being raised to be food for these terrifying beasts. With Norman, Emma, and Ray as our protagonists, the clock is ticking as the children attempt to escape from their scary predicament and save as many of their friends as they can!

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