The Rising of the Shield Hero Artist Dives Into Manga's Creation

The Rising of the Shield Hero is one of the biggest Isekai series around, with the second season recently drawing to a close. While the story started out as a series of novels, it has since branched out to both an anime adaptation and a manga series. Recently, the artist behind the Isekai's manga dove into the series' success and the method they used in adapting the story of Naofumi and his band of wandering adventurers.    

In an interview with Otaku USA Magazine, the artist for The Rising of the Shield Hero's manga, Aiya Kyu, had this to say about transforming the original novel series into the medium of manga: 

"I really thought about how to make the manga interesting. In the beginning of The Rising of the Shield Hero after Naofumi is betrayed, he loses trust in humanity. For manga adaptation, the amount of text is greatly reduced (from the light novel). So, I put a lot of effort in the artwork to capture Naofumi's feelings of distrust."

Following Kyu's answer on adapting the series, the artist for Shield Hero discussed the popularity of the franchise not just in Japan, but around the world: 

"I'm really surprised. A lot of people are sympathetic to what Naofumi goes through in the story. Its success all lies in the appeal of the story and the worldview of the novel. A good work of art crosses borders. I didn't think I'd ever be involved in something like that."  

The second season of the Isekai series saw Naofumi and his current group of adventurers adding some new members to their ranks as they attempt to protect a world that mostly looks at them with disdain. Luckily, a third season of the anime adaptation has already been confirmed, and while a specific release date hasn't been revealed, the producers of the television series noted that anime fans won't wait for season three nearly as long as they had for the second season of the Isekai.

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Via Otaku USA Magazine